Mission Statement

To Connect with people through a love of sport and to create a more healthy, positive and active lifestyle.

To Inspire and Empower confidence through sport.

To Make You AWSUM!

Our clothing comes with #Awsumbuiltin, no matter what your age, ability, gender or race, we create fabulous, Awsum kit that you will be proud to wear and inspire others. Team Awsum kit is worn from head to toe and around the world, changing the face, culture and stigma of sport. We believe you don’t have to be an A class model, have a rippling six pack, can lift 100kg above your head or to always be Instagram ready when you work out, we are breaking and shaking the mould of sport to make it more inclusive, accessible and a positive force.

We believe our brand and culture is bigger than that and we stand for a whole lot more, we believe everyone has the right to feel positive, powerful, unstoppable, happy and free whenever and wherever you work out. Whether you are a pro athlete or a first timer, if you have always taken part in sport or are just about to take your first steps, are aged 10 or 110, a size 8 or 80, our company culture is such we are here and with you every step of the way creating a positive, inspirational and unwavering belief and support to get you on the way to Awsumness.

Join the greatest, proudest and strongest Team on Earth, kick ass, smash your goals and inspire others.

We know you can, we know you will and we know you are Awsum so join the force and get involved, inspiring Awsumness wherever you go.

Hang up the negativity and put on your sweats, your coming with us, kit up, smile on and smash it, get ready world we have a new Team Member and we are coming for you.