About us

We are everything but a faceless company so here are our faces!

Hi, I am Becky one of the founders of Team Awsum.

Since I can remember I have always loved sport, everything and almost anything I would give it a go, never being the best at any sport in particular but loved all of them the same. Anything to get me outside doing something sporty was always a winner, I always wanted to be outside and luckily enough to have a brother and a sister who always made great team mates to play anything from hide and seek, getting covered in mud with mud pies to eating raw pasta from a cup and pretending we were cowboys and Indians. 

From joining the Brownies, Scouts, athletics and joining every sports team going at school I continued my love for sport and studied outdoor education at college where 6 months of the year I worked away both in the UK and abroad teaching both adults and children outdoor sports, team building etc. everyone from all walks of life from young offenders, special needs, schools, princess trust and everything in between.

I loved what I did I was so lucky to call this a job and work in some amazing places and called it my office. Showing people what they can achieve and what was possible from getting into open water for the first time, jumping off a 15ft trapeze or tackling their fears of heights. Their achievements sparked something that would instil confidence, belief and strength that would build them from the inside out and for them to always remember to say: “yes I did that, now what else can I do”.

I have completed all running and sporting events and distances everything from a couch to 5k to marathons, triathlons, cycling sportives, swimming events and half ironmanas, what I have learnt is the kit you wear is so vitally important it has be perfect and feel like a second skin, everything from head to toe. Over the years I have tried out a variety and a number of brands, slowly building up a good understanding and knowledge of what makes a good piece of apparel, the difference between form, function, fashion and technology that go in to every piece of apparel or equipment to help you obtain your goals, ambitions and dreams.

Sport is a very powerful thing, whether that be a solo activity or something you do as a team, that’s why when I was 17 years old I had the idea that one day I wanted my own company to show everyone what is possible. That's why we have created kick ass apparel that comes with #AWSUMBUILTIN to give you empowerment, courage and strength to help you take your first steps.

Everyone at Team Awsum believes in you, we all stand with you and are far more than another faceless apparel company, we are a brand, a culture a TEAM to encourage and inspire everyone on the team, spreading Awsumness around the world, so grab your kit lets go.